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Schedule Your Massage Online - Lana is very excited to now be offering Myofascial Release in Richardson as another one of her services. Discover more about this beneficial treatment HERE. - Gift Certificates are now available. - Relax, unwind and be truly pampered with a soothing massage with Licensed Massage Therapist Lana Johnson. Combining Asian, European, and American massage remedies by appointment only so Schedule Online

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fdfGive the Gift of Massage to that special someone this holiday season. The gift of Massage provides a wealth of benefits, so why not let them know you care and get them a Massage by Lana Gift Certifcate today.

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Frequent Visits for Massage provides a wealth of benefits, and getting frequent massages on a regular basis can provide even more benefits. Contact Lana to find out about special weekly and bi-weekly rates for massage.