Lana has been meditating almost as long as she has been offering massage. She learns a lot during meditation and has a unique gift when it comes to helping others understand what they need to know to be able to quiet their minds during meditation.

There are many different types of meditation and Lana is familiar with many of them. She shares different methods with her students so they can discover what works best for them. She may even suggest her students attend the Southwest Vipassana Meditation Center in Kaufman, Texas in order to help them learn even more about meditation.

Lana was surprised at how much she learned the very first time she attended the Vipassana Meditation Center. The fact that they require people to stay for 10 days the first time they attend tends to be a drawback for some people, however, by committing yourself, you will also be rewarded.

So contact Lana to find out when she will be starting her next meditation class, then when you can work things out, and can fit it into your schedule, perhaps you too can attend the Vipassana Meditation Center in Kaufman.