Hot Stone Massage is a variation of traditional massage therapy such as Swedish Massage which involves the placement of heated smooth, flat stones in key positions on the body. In addition, the massage therapist may actually hold the stones, using them to massage specific areas of the body.

Hot Stone MassageThe stones used for Hot Stone Massage are usually made of basalt, a rock rich in iron, which helps them to retain the heat. River rocks work well since they are very smooth, having been slowly smoother out over time by the flowing current of water. Typically the stones are placed in water and heated to a specific temperature range, then they are placed at specific locations on the back, in the palms of the hands or between the toes.

The heat from the stones provides warmth and relaxation to the muscles, allowing the therapist to apply deeper pressure if required. This warmth also calms the nervous system and improves circulation. In some cases the hot stones are placed on energy centers of the body, which may include including acupuncture points and/or chakras, in order to balance these energy centers and thus the body and mind.

Some Hot Stone Massage clients enjoy the the warmth of the hot stones and decide on this form of massage for comfort and relaxation. Hot Stone Massage is beneficial for people who tend to chill easily or have cold feet as well as those with muscle tension who prefer a lighter massage. The heat from the hot stones relaxes muscles, which allows the therapist to massage the muscles without using deep pressure.

Hot Stone Massage is often sought out for a variety of health conditions such as:

  • Back aches and pain
  • Poor circulation
  • Arthritis and osteoarthritis pain
  • Stress, anxiety and tension
  • Insomnia
  • Depression