Chair Massage is also known as seated massage or on-site massage. This type of massage involves the use of a massage chair specially designed for this purpose. The client sits comfortably in the massage chair while the massage therapist works with them in a variety of settings including businesses, airports, and street fairs.

For those who have experienced a table massage, the idea of a Chair Massage may not seem like something they would want to experience. Since Chair Massage is typically priced by the minute, you may also wonder how much benefit can there be in only ten, twenty or even thirty minutes?

The fact is that there is a lot of benefit available even when the Chair Massage is only for a short time. The brain actually begins to recharge itself in just a few minutes and tired muscles will feel rejuvenated quickly whether sitting in a massage chair or lying on a massage table.

One advantage to Chair Massage is that the massage therapist can come to your location, and many businesses provide an opportunity for their employees to receive Chair Massage on a regular basis during the work day in the office. Just imagine the benefits of receiving a massage on a regular basis, allowing the brain and the body to be refreshed in tandem.

Massage puts workers in a good mood and allows them to be relaxed and ready to get down to business. The good mood means they will be better prepared to engage with customers or perform their other duties in a more effective and efficient way, which tends to leave them feeling quite upbeat about their company.